Hello, readers! My name is Blythe. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) as a young teenager. I started this website to hopefully help, uplift, and inspire people, especially those in a similar position to mine, through my experiences with this illness and life in general.

No one is ever alone.

My anchor and comfort is my faith in God, and my knowledge that He will answer my prayers and help me through each and every day. I want to share His love so that those going through hard times of any kind can know that they don’t have to do it alone.

A word of acknowledgement:

To CharKay, my friend and fellow blogger of CFIDS experiences. She’s incredible and so strong, an amazing daughter of God. Go read some of her posts!

To my dad, for making this website possible and giving me countless Priesthood blessings. To my brothers, who are always happy to do whatever they can for me, and who keep me laughing. To my sister, for always brightening my life with her smiles. To my church leaders and friends, who do little things that let me know they’re thinking of me, little things that mean a lot. And to my mom, who stands with me every step of the way and sets a marvelous example for me to follow. Thank you all!

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I hope that you can feel uplifted and inspired here. I’d love to hear from you–you can email me at blythe@amazinggrace-cfids.com or leave a comment.